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Consultant, Brussels

By joining Bain you will build a very wide skillset that you can apply on all types of business problems across industries. double-quote-close

Hello, I am Bert, a consultant in our Brussels office. I graduated as a chemical engineer from the Catholic University of Leuven.

After graduating, I had started working for ExxonMobil immediately after. At ExxonMobil, I worked in various positions (Engineering, Operations, Logistics/Economics), but also did a Master in Management while working full time as I wanted to learn more about business and economics. This interest in business and the ambition to accelerate my career led me to Bain where I started in 2015 as a Consultant. Since then, I worked in a variety of industries (Industrial Goods, Luxury, Consumer Products) and case types (Strategy, PMI, Organization, Cost reduction). The tremendous learning curve combined with the energy and passion of the teams make Bain a really unique place to work.

Since joining Bain, I had to opportunity to work abroad at various locations like Geneva, Montpellier and Montréal. The most special was Paris, where I worked for four months. Walking to the office and passing by the Louvre and Les Tuileries in the morning sunshine is something I will always remember. Working in these different countries with a variety of businesses is a great learning experience.

At Bain, you will continue to be challenged and your responsibilities will quickly evolve. As a consultant, you will quickly start to manage one or more people which prepares you for the step-up to a case team lead role. When you're up for it, you will quickly see your responsibilities increase and your learning accelerate again. There's never a dull day at Bain!

There are a couple of factors that make the Brussels office very unique. The office has been growing tremendously over the past years and it's great to be a part of this journey. The great partner team is of course a key driver of this. With several Brussels partners in key EMEA or global leadership positions, there's a lot of expertise on Consumer Products, Telco, PE, Industrial Goods & Services, IT, Strategy,.. Next to that, the office culture is very welcoming and open. Everybody knows everybody, which creates a very convivial atmosphere.

By joining Bain you will build a very wide skillset that you can apply on all types of business problems across industries. If you are passionate about highly analytical problems, but also like working closely with clients and in teams, then Bain is the right choice for you. All the fun you have while doing this and the boost you give to your career is the bonus that comes with it!