Bain Externships at the World Economic Forum

Stephane Rousselet - Extern to the "Future of Electricity" project

From Bain's office in Paris, Stephane was seconded to the WEF in Geneva. In its fourth year, the "Future of Electricity" project focused on innovation and transformation of the electricity grid at the "grid edge" by the three trends of decentralization, digitalization and electrification with deep dives on the intersection between the grid edge transformation and Electric Vehicles (EV). In parallel, the project supported Colombia with the implementation of last year’s recommendations to accelerate grid edge technologies deployment.

"I am a big believer that global governance is critical to successful public and private cooperation. As transformations are accelerating, the systemic approach to the global stakes, namely urban mobility and energy, drives the dialogue of today’s leaders. Being inside the Forum and collaborating with multiple stakeholders, from policy makers to CEOs, to accelerate the grid edge transformation, has so far been an exciting experience as well as a source of constant learnings."

Lennart Schlinkmann - Extern to the "Digital Enterprise" project

From Bain's Zurich office, Lennart was seconded to the WEF project team on "Digital Enterprise", to help companies across all industries build comprehensive digital transformation roadmaps.

During the assignment, the project team developed answers to key questions faced by CEOs when designing a digital transformation roadmap for their company, and hands-on guidance and practical tools, to allow them to master the challenges imposed by digitalization.

"When the opportunity arose to work with the Forum on digital transformation, I was instantly excited. The pillar of future strategy for any company, digital transformation is also a personal passion of mine. The WEF offers an exceptional angle on how to address the challenges of digitalization. Its outstanding network allows us to engage with global leaders from across the globe, from the most diverse backgrounds, and to identify some of the latest insights on digital transformation. Working at the WEF has been a unique and inspiring experience and a fantastic opportunity to co-create leading-edge knowledge in the field of digital transformation."

Horace Xu - Extern to the "Future of Consumption in Fast Growth Consumer Markets" project

From Bain's office in Shanghai Horace was seconded to the WEF in New York, where he was part of the first year of the multi-year "Future of Consumption in Fast Growth Consumer Markets" project, with focus on China. Articulating a vision for the future consumer market in China a decade from now, and its implications for business and society, the team developed 10 headlines which combined lay the base case vision in 2027, together with two alternative scenarios factoring in the underlying uncertainties of each driving forces.

"Working at the World Economic Forum brings me great exposure to business leaders, innovators and policy makers and offers me the opportunity to understand how they envision the future and what they worry about. It is an eye-opening experience which has helped me rethink the challenges we are facing today in China on a much higher level. The project itself has also taught me how to practice thoughtful leadership in a multi-stakeholder situation while being forward looking, practical and at cause at all times."