Revamped supply chain doubles consumer product profitability

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TastyCo held the second largest share of the U.S. market of Tummy Ticklers. This had historically not been an attractive category for TastyCo, though it was profitable for competitors. 

Sales of Tummy Ticklers had been declining significantly for eight years and profitability was scattered and marginal. The company predicted a continued decline in product profitability. 

TastyCo asked Bain to help turn this product into a profitable one.

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Bain analyzed the competition, value chain and manufacturing process to establish where value could be created.


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In the short term, Bain recommended that TastyCo change its approach to the refiner, additives and manufacturing steps of Tummy Ticklers production.


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Changing the supply chain more than doubled the Tummy Tickler business unit's profit margin.

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