Cutting sales costs without sacrificing service

Client Results Story

  • PersonalCo has a very successful R$500 million revenue operation in Brazil. It is a traditional category leader, competing with 100 SKUs in three market segments.
  • PersonalCo set ambitious cost reduction targets: over 20% of its sales operating expenses. At the same time, the firm aimed for functional excellence in sales, distribution and customer service. 
  • PersonalCo brought Bain on board to speed up the capture of potential savings and help ensure a successful implementation.
  • Bain devised a Sales Functional Excellence Program that focused on the four key dimensions of the sales department.


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The Sales Functional Excellence Program had three distinct phases: 
  • Phase 1 identified the potential for improvements, and main levers to achieve them 
  • Phase 2 targeted key initiatives to close performance gaps 
  • Phase 3 resulted in a detailed implementation plan


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Bain identified three primary levers to redeploy the field salesforce that would have a significant impact on costs.


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Redeploying the field sales force and achieving functional excellence will help PersonalCo reach its cost reduction goals.

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