Aligning a new IT platform with new business priorities

Client Results Story

A consortium of mortgage banks had decided to join forces within an integrated holding company, Mortgage Holding. The consortium expected significant synergies as a joint nationwide player. However, the individual mortgage banks within Mortgage Holding all had different IT platforms (e.g. custom vs. standard software) without any standardization for non-differentiating IT functions.  Further, none of the legacy IT-platforms would cover Mortgage Holding's requirements.  Bain was asked to advise on the following issues: 
  • What IT strategy best fits Mortgage Holding's business strategy (both now and in the future)? 
  • How do we align different stakeholders to one common IT vision? 
  • What should be the design of the functional IT architecture? How should we select the systems selection?
  • Can standard software be leveraged? 
  • How can we ensure that our IT strategy is properly implemented?

Next Approach

Bain created a three-phase approach to develope and support the implementation of IT strategy.


Next Recommendations

Through full alignment of business objectives with new IT architecture and IT governance structure, Mortgage Holding can better integrate bank processes, thus achieving efficiency and synergy.


Next Results

Design, agreement and successful implementation of business aligned IT strategy will generate approximately 40 million Euros in benefits.

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